You can preorder your copy on  Robin Cheeky’s  store at http://stores.robincheeky.com/robin-cheeky-travels-to-the-cousin-club/

I worked so hard writing  this special Cheeky cousin book just for you  and your families. It was a challenge  because I didn’t know how I was going to get  Robin Cheeky’s cousins to join him on this adventure and where would this adventure take place? You will soon find out!!  Thank you for being a Robin Cheeky fan and Have a Cheeky day!!



LAYLAJAYDENROSALIERobin Cheeky’s cousins are created and will be in the new book “Robin Cheeky Travels to the Cousin Club”  set for pre-order the week of June 4th.  I will post the cover also. Pre-orders will be available on http://www.robincheeky.com. Have a Cheeky Day!

I know you all have been waiting for more Robin Cheeky! Well, you finally get to have more! I am excited that I finally finished the manuscript, sent it to the editor, Jill Ronsley and the illustrator, Ross Chirico. Yay! I will post you a sneak peek of the book. Oh, those Cheeky cousins are so cute!!

We are planning to do Robin Cheeky animation next after the book is released.Have a Cheeky Day!

Delilah Cheeky loves to cook, mix, bake and create all kinds of Cheekyliscious recipes. Here is her first cooking show! She is making eggs for Grandpa! She ends up putting in blueberries, strawberries, cucumbers, salt and pepper. Stay tunes for all kinds of recipe surprises with Delilah Cheeky! My sweet granddaughter has her own Cheeky imagination! Have a Cheeky Day!

DelilahandRosalie 083

Delilah is two years old now and loves Robin Cheeky more than ever! I named Delilah Cheeky after my granddaughter Delilah.  It is so much fun watching Delilah express herself about Robin Cheeky. She says ,”Robin Cheeky!” all the time! She also loves to put Robin Cheeky’s magical smileys on the walls in my office. I am having such a Cheeky time with her!

Delilah Cheeky got to meet ToTo the Tornado Kitty at the RI Comic Con this weekend. Author Jonathan Hall wrote a book about rescuing ToTo from the Massachusetts tornado. He takes ToTo every where he goes. Have a Cheeky Day!

DelilahatComicconnov2013 087