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Cheeky3_CoverMy third Robin Cheeky book is here!  It’s such a wonderful book that takes place at a beach village with Robin Cheeky and his Cheeky Cousins! It’s so much fun! It actually takes place at my cousin Debbie’s house at  Cape Cod. I had to scale her million dollar house on the water to a one bedroom cottage for these cute little Cheeky Cousins. But the dock is exactly as I photographed it for the illustrator. The island that is at my cousin’s house is in the book also. Robin Cheeky invites his cousins for a Cheeky sleepover. It took 5 years to produce this book!! This finished book has 36 pages of colorful illustrations that just make you smile on each page. Come along with Robin Cheeky and his rainbow colored, two tailed cat Pluxie on this beach adventure! You can order yours now on robincheeky’s store at http://www.robincheeky.com/  Have a Cheeky day!

You can preorder your copy on  Robin Cheeky’s  store at http://stores.robincheeky.com/robin-cheeky-travels-to-the-cousin-club/

I worked so hard writing  this special Cheeky cousin book just for you  and your families. It was a challenge  because I didn’t know how I was going to get  Robin Cheeky’s cousins to join him on this adventure and where would this adventure take place? You will soon find out!!  Thank you for being a Robin Cheeky fan and Have a Cheeky day!!


LAYLAJAYDENROSALIERobin Cheeky’s cousins are created and will be in the new book “Robin Cheeky Travels to the Cousin Club”  set for pre-order the week of June 4th.  I will post the cover also. Pre-orders will be available on http://www.robincheeky.com. Have a Cheeky Day!