Delilah Cheeky got to meet ToTo the Tornado Kitty at the RI Comic Con this weekend. Author Jonathan Hall wrote a book about rescuing ToTo from the Massachusetts tornado. He takes ToTo every where he goes. Have a Cheeky Day!

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Robin Cheeky at the Providence Civic Center in Nov 2013

Robin Cheeky got invited to be at the Rhode Island Comic Con at the Providence Civic Center, RI on November 2nd and 3rd, 2013. So Cheeky!! I will be giving workshops, and selling Robin Cheeky books and other merchandise.  Can’t wait to be there! I look forward to seeing you there. Have a Cheeky Day!


Robin Cheeky fans draw Delilah Cheeky with chalk.

Delilah 10 12 months 089This little precious Delilah is my grandbaby! I named Delilah Cheeky after her. She will be appearing in the next book in the Robin Cheeky series. Delilah has been a great inspiration for the future of Robin Cheeky books, and products. She has been by my side writing this next book. In fact she wants to hold her own pen and write with me. How lucky I am to have her in my life! Have a Cheeky Day!

 I am so thankful for my illustrator, Ross Chirico. He has illustrated both books “Robin Cheeky and the Magical Smileys” , “Robin Cheeky Travels to the Land of Candy”, and many more to come! I believe I have found the ultimate Illustrator, because I get an endless amount of feedback on how his illustrations in my books are just amazing!! I wanted you all to see who was behing the scenes! Here he is: Ross Chirico!

Have a Cheeky Day!

This is Delilah wearing the new Delilah Cheeky tshirt :  available at  Robin Cheeky’s online store: http://stores.robincheeky.com/-strse-13/Delilah-Cheeky-t-dsh-shirt/Detail.bok     I named “Delilah Cheeky” after my new granddaughter Delilah. Isn’t sheImage Cheeky? Everyone is thrilled that we have a girl Cheeky now! Go to the online store and buy your child one and surprise him/her with this adorable
“Delilah Cheeky” tshirt. Have a Cheeky Day!!

Robin Cheeky will be at North Providence, Rhode Island highschool today with Kindergarten thru 3rd grade summer students!! What a Cheeky time we are going to have! I will be taking pictures and posting them on the photo gallery on Robin Cheeky’s website. I have Cheeky przes to give away and a new Character named “Delilah Cheeky”to introduce to the children! I will be bringing some “Delilah Cheeky” t-shirts with me to give away!! Have a Cheeky Day!!Image

I am so excited that Robin Cheeky’s cousin Delilah Cheeky is here! How Cheeky is she? She will be in the next Robin Cheeky adventure in the Cousin Club. Also she will be availble on tshirts and cinchsacks!! What fun this is!! Hope you all love her!! Have a Cheeky Day!!Image

Reprints of “Robin Cheeky and the Magical Smileys” have arrived. I am so Cheeky about this because now I can satisfy those kids who have been waiting to get their hands on their first Robin Cheeky book, because their cousin, brother, sister, or friend has one. I know this shipment of books won’t last long because Iv’e already been at the post office 3 times this week shipping them out. Robin Cheeky just wants to know all kids, young and old. Get your copy while it’s available.


“Have a Cheeky Day!”.

You and your kids, grandkids, babies and grandbabies are going to love Robin Cheeky’s next adventure! They are going to go into the Cousin Club!!  You can just imagine what Robin Cheeky’s adventure will involve. That’s right, cousins! I can’t wait to ship you the books for your little ones and big kids! There will be a surprise at the end of the book that will make you all feel so CHEEKY!!!!

Look for the next book this Christmas!

And most of all……

Have a Cheeky Day!!!